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About On the Wire

NC-CURE’s primary communication tool is a quarterly newsletter, On The Wire, which is made available to its membership--approximately a thousand prisoners, their family members and friends. The newsletter provides news and updates that members need to better understand the NC criminal justice system.  It also provides information on prisoner legal, advocacy, and support organizations.  The newsletter seeks to encourage its members by publishing uplifting messages and success stories about previously incarcerated people. 

Over the years, NC-CURE has received thousands of responses via letters, emails and phone calls.  This allows NC-CURE to gain a unique perspective and insight into the conditions of NC prisons and, more importantly, how NC prisoners are treated.

Regular communication between NC-CURE and its members allows our organization to be an effective voice for those without a voice behind prison walls. 

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“I just finished ‘digesting’ the words written in your March issue of OTW!  You all are doing a magnificent job advocating for rehabilitation for prisoners. Honestly the issue was breath-taking!"






"I can't thank you enough for the guidance you have provided.  Your organization is truly advocating for the incarcerated in North Carolina!"

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