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did you know?

Violence, illicit drugs, sexual abuse, and suicides

are prevalent in the prisons

NC Prisons are overcrowded, and facilities are often unsanitary, understaffed and in poor repair

 Education and skills training opportunities in NC prisons are limited in scope and availability

Inadequate legal defense, mental disorders, and addictions often put people in prison who don't belong there

The full extent of inhumane treatment of people in NC prisons is unknown due to lack of transparency and oversight

Physical and mental illnesses are common in people in prisons but are under-recognized and often untreated

People in NC prisons are frequently held in Restrictive Housing (solitary confinement) for long periods of time without explanation

Prisoner complaints must go through a grievance system, but the system is flawed and retaliation often occurs 

NC-CURE speaks up
for those behind bars who have no voice

"You are my heroes in my heart.  With all my heart and soul I thank you for all you do for me, and the rest of the population and our families.  You have helped this broken prison system in many ways over the years.  God bless each and every one of you heroes for many many years to come."

"From your letter of Sept 12 you stated that you had notified a nurse here of my problem.  I was soon afterward called to that nurse's office and given an opportunity to talk about my problem.  Since then I have been taken to the specialist."

"Thank you again for all you do and have done for my mother. I wish nothing but joy and abundance onto you for the kindness and patience you've showed my mother. It's because of you I know there is hope for justice. That there are people who still selflessly fight for the wellbeing of others. "

"Just wanted to thank you again for calling on my boyfriend's behalf about seeing the mental health doctor.  Thanks to your call, the therapist saw him last Friday, and he has an appointment with the psychiatrist on the 16th. "

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