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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

New weekly TV series, Free Enterprise, to air on ABC on Saturday mornings (exact time determined by local TV station). The series highlights formerly incarcerated individuals who have started their own businesses after struggling to find consistent employment due to their criminal records. "Its a heartwarming, redemptive series that's a celebration of hard work and second chances." Season 1 of this ground breaking new television series, which began on April 4, was filmed entirely in North Carolina. Season 2 will explore other states. The series features one of America's foremost entrepreneurs and Inmates to Entrepreneurs founder Brian Hamilton, and is hosted by ESPN's Ryan Smith. "There is no larger and more unifying proposition in our country than the idea that everyone gets a second chance. Free Enterprise demonstrates that judicially involved people can take part in the most important part of the American dream - having ownership. On the show you will see real people starting simple businesses to become part of the American tapestry", commented Mr. Hamilton.

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