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TAN program reestablished

Transitional Aftercare Network (TAN) program is a statewide organization of volunteer mentors and faith-based agencies, covering all 100 counties in North Carolina. This program assists formerly incarcerated individuals as they transition back into society. The trained mentors provides guidance and life coaching skills. Currently, there are 36 mentors trained and approved to mentor former offenders. TAN’s vision is to equip these individuals with the necessary skills and resources to make the post-incarceration transition easier.

About 6-12 months before an offender is released to their community, the mentorship process begins. In order to be eligible, they must be infraction free at least 90 days before applying for the program. If an inmate wishes to connect with TAN, they should contact their prison’s chaplain. Offenders who have been convicted of a sex offense or are classified as a gang member cannot apply.

Although there is not a mentor in every county, TAN does its best to match each released offender with a mentor in their county of release. Once a mentor is matched with a mentee, they contact the case manager and chaplain to do an initial assessment with the offender. Afterwards, the mentor creates a schedule to meet with the mentee once a week. The relationship continues for at least six months after release.

Chaplain Jerry Love is the TAN coordinator and has spent the past year reestablishing community relationships in the midst of the pandemic. His goal is to network with more reentry organizations across North Carolina.

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