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Navigating The Visitation Process In NC Prisons: Special Visitors

What is a special visitor?

A special visitor is an individual or an organization that is visiting an offender for a specific purpose. A special visit does not occur regularly, therefore it is not counted as a 'regular visit'. The requirement for the existence of an established relationship prior to confinement does not apply to special visitors.

Examples of special visitors include Clergy, former or prospective employers, sponsors, parole advisors, the Department of Social Services, and representatives of various criminal justice consulting organizations (as long as they are acting in their official capacity).

Does a special visitor count Towards An offender's 18 approved visitors?

No, the special visitor's information is entered into the offender's OPUS visiting file but is not counted as one of the offender's approved 18 visitors.

How Can I Get a Special Visit Approved?

The offender will need to submit a written request for special visits to their Unit Team. The written request must state the specifics of the special visit to include purpose, duration, and visitor's identity. Once the Unit Team has verified the information, the request is submitted to the Warden for their approval.

Once approved, the visitor must provide their full legal name, work information and job title, and their drivers license number to the facility. The visitor will be required to show that same drivers license as identification upon arrival at the facility.

Why would a special visit be denied?

A special visit may be denied if the facility believes their admission would carry a security risk, they provided incomplete information to the facility, their drivers license doesn't match the information they provided, and/or their visit purpose falls under regular visitation guidelines.

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