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WHo we are

NC-CURE (Citizens United for Restorative Effectiveness) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) grassroots prison advocacy organization established in 2007, and staffed by volunteers. Our primary purpose is to advocate against all forms of inhumane treatment of incarcerated people. People in prison often lack basic human needs such as sanitary living conditions, basic medical care and medications, access to fresh air and exercise, and communication with loved ones. NC-CURE calls attention to inhumane conditions one person and one prison at a time. We also work to address systemic issues that adversely impact the conditions of confinement in prisons, recidivism, and public safety. Our members, staff, and volunteers believe that those who are incarcerated should receive all the resources they need to turn their lives around and be productive members of society.


SUPPORT: Encourage and provide hope to people in prison and their loved ones

CALL ATTENTION:  Intervene when prison practices deny people in prison dignity and respect as human beings, adequate medical care and nutrition

ADVOCATE:  Proactively advocate for change in NC prison practices to protect the human rights of prisoners

EDUCATE: Provide resources that members and the general public need to understand the prison system

COLLABORATE: Team up with criminal justice reform agencies to promote fair treatment of people incarcerated in NC prisons


our Mission

To advocate for the humane treatment of people in North Carolina prisons.

Our vision

 North Carolina prisons will effectively prepare people for successful reentry into the community.

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